The Outfit on Ice

Its time for The Outfit to return to the Southwest Ice Rink. Rj will be showing off his “Besti Squat”, Mike will be teaching “Backward Outside Death Spirals” to the kids and Mikael and Eric will be tuning their guitars.You don’t want to miss it! Information about the rink can be found here.

THE OUTFIT ON ICE! JANUARY 17th at Southwest Ice Rink! Things get rolling around 8PM!
Unlimited Jager Bombs for the best Salchow!*


*Jager Bombs are limited to 0 per person. The Salchow competition has been postponed to May 31st 5222. No Salchows should be attempted at this event. Life is the party. For more information about partying please visit Skate or Die

Thanks TED.

Thanks TED for the beer and the knowledge last weekend. So many ACTIVITIES!!


Don’t forget we will be playing Oktoberfest this Friday. We take the stage at 10:30pm and won’t stop until everyone is drunk. You can find all the information you need right here.