El Presidente Remix Project

In honor of Presidents Day, we decided to put together a little remix project for our song, “El Presidente.” Download the track stems, play around with them, and then send your remix to us at elpresidenteremix@gmail.com via hightail or dropbox or similar service, and we’ll add it to the album for free download. Head on over to the album page to get started: https://choosetheoutfit.bandcamp.com/album/el-presidente-remix-project


Don’t forget Artopia is this Saturday, February 22nd. We will be playing at City Hall on the main stage at 10:15pm. Come grab some culture. All the information you need can be found here. Use promo code “BANDS” to save $10 off your ticket!


First Show Of 2014!

Come on down to the Hi-Dive this Friday and catch our first show of 2014. Mosey West is releasing their killer new EP “Bermuda”. Winchester Holiday will be opening things up around 9:30 and you can get some tickets to this madness here. Lets hit this year hard.


Nov, 30th. Southwest Ice Rink!

Come on out to the Southwest Ice Rink in downtown Denver on Nov. 30th to hear some music and do some skatin! We did this last year and it was a party, cold, but a party none the less.

Heres a quick picture of Eric and Rj at last years event. Shaaazam!!!!